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Upholstery Cleaning in Vancouver: Why and How Often is it Necessary?

April 06th, 2022 | by Angelo |    0   

The living room often is, for most families, the favorite place in the house. But few people know, in fact, the real importance and necessity of cleaning the sofa that accommodates us. Although upholstery is the darling of every family, they can also be great accumulators of invisible dirt and, thus, cause serious damage to the health of residents.

Therefore, it is ideal that a complete Vancouver professional upholstery cleaning be carried out in it to eliminate the risks with the accumulation of mites and other harmful agents that cause diseases. In this post you will know how often you should have your sofa cleaned and how to do it correctly. Keep reading!

Why Should Upholstery Cleaning be Done?

As much as our house is routinely cleaned, during the day it is invaded by dust that enters through windows and doors, even without us realizing it. With this invisible dust, house mites and other fungi also enter. They settle in places we can't even imagine and love to hide in rugs, mattresses and sofas.

In this invisible dust, mites are the most harmful agents and can be responsible for some allergic diseases such as rhinitis, asthma and even conjunctivitis. In addition, as we often take advantage of the sofa to eat and drink while watching television, for example, this is an item of furniture that is very susceptible to splashes and stains. Therefore, periodically, a thorough and professional Vancouver upholstery cleaning of the sofa should be carried out.

Cleaning Frequency

It is common for sofa cleaning, especially in homes, to be done within the domestic routine, vacuuming, damp cloth or using specific products. However, at least twice a year it is necessary to do a deeper cleaning that reaches every corner of the sofa and really removes all the residue. This cleaning helps eliminate mites, fungi and accumulated dust more efficiently and safely.

If the house has children, elderly and pets, professional upholstery cleaning is even more important. That's because the elderly and children are usually more affected by respiratory diseases and pets usually lose a lot of hair (which can also accumulate in the upholstery). As important as daily cleaning is, it does not dispense with periodic cleaning carried out by professionals.

Is Professional Cleaning Different?

Yes, very different! Each upholstery piece has a cleaning technique and specific products to be used. Linen, suede and velvet, which are delicate fabrics, follow practically the same cleaning process by extraction. Even so, each material will have its specifications - linen, for example, requires that the product used in upholstery be very diluted, to avoid yellowing or weakening of the fabric.

Cleaning leather pieces, on the other hand, requires very different techniques from cleaning the material and one of the differentials is the moisturizing process at the end. Therefore, it is very important to hire a qualified Vancouver upholstery cleaning company for cleaning upholstery, which knows which techniques and products to use in the process.

Upholstery Cleaning in Vancouver

If you are looking for qualified Vancouver upholstery cleaning professionals to clean your upholstery in the Vancouver area, please contact us. We, at Angelo's FabriClean, work with a cleaning process that includes sofa vacuuming, deodorization, stain removal and steam cleaning to remove allergens. To contact us, click here.

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