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How to Preserve Persian Rug: Area Rug Care and Cleaning Tips

February 04th, 2022 | by Angelo |    0   

The Persian rug is a weaving piece that surprises with its contrast of colors and beauty of the prints. Despite their modest origins, in the nomadic tribes of Persia, who used them as a blanket, Persian rugs are still considered luxury pieces that convey a lot of personality and style for decoration. If you have a Persian rug, you've certainly had doubts about the conservation of its wefts and colors.

And that's exactly what we're going to talk about today - we've separated valuable tips for you to put into practice and preserve your Persian rug with the utmost care. Check out:

Check out:

How to Preserve & Clean a Persian Rug

1. Be Careful With the Washing

If you believe that it is possible to wash a Persian rug at home, using hoses, buckets of water, washing powder and detergent, you better think twice. This practice can damage the weaves and coloring of the rug, especially when it comes to the Persian rug, causing irreversible damage.

So choose a professional area rug cleaning company. The elimination of dust and bacteria must be done through the application of specific products, combined with fixing products that keep the colors of the rug intact. A area rug cleaning professional also has scrubbing techniques that won't damage it. At the end of the whole process, your Persian rug will be clean, preserved and with a revitalized color.

And if you are looking for a company that does this type of cleaning in the Vancouver area, please contact us. Angelo's FabriClean is an area rug cleaning company specialized in washing Persian rugs with appropriate equipment and products, protecting the wefts and coloring of your rug with the utmost care.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

After the professional Persian rug wash by Angelo’s Fabri Clean, your rug needs some care to preserve its deep cleaning and beauty. Use the vacuum cleaner once a week to remove invisible dirt and pet hair.

3. Cleaning in Case of Stains

Small accidents can happen. In case of coffee, juice and chocolate stains, use a mixture of warm water and neutral detergent and rub the area with a small brush, moving from the outside to the inside. Then use a paper towel to absorb.
Attention: the cleaning of stains must be done with the utmost care so that color migration does not occur. If the stain has fallen into different colors, the brush needs to be sanitized to avoid mixing. If it's a large area, get in touch immediately to schedule your rug to be washed by a professional and avoid damage to the piece.

4. Watch Out for the Sunlight

If possible, try to shade your rug from direct sunlight. That's because the sun damages its colors, making them lighter or contributing to the wear of tones. One should be even more careful with sunlight when the rug is older or the fibers have been dyed with natural substances.

If you can't avoid direct sunlight on the rug, be careful to rotate it from time to time so that the coloring is not uneven.

5. Furniture

Another factor that can damage your rug, especially older and more delicate models, is placing heavy furniture on top of it. So, if possible, avoid it. If that's not possible, follow the same advice as above - turn the rug often enough to prevent deep marks from forming.

Area Rug Cleaning in Vancouver

As we said above, Angelo’s Fabri Clean has professionals specialized in cleaning and sanitizing rugs - we work with both Persian and antique rugs, hand made and others, such as sisal, for example. In addition, we have a free pick-up and delivery service. To contact us and request a quote, click here.

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