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Commercial carpet cleaning in Vancouver: importance and how to do it

October 21st, 2021 | by Angelo |    0   

If cleaning residential carpets is essential to maintain both the health of those who circulate in that space and the integrity of the floor, one would imagine that sanitation is even more important when it comes to commercial places, right? This is because, in general, companies tend to have higher circulation of people than residences. In addition, it is known that the correct cleaning of carpeted surfaces also impacts air quality. Since 1982, the WHO (World Health Organization) has highlighted the cause and effect relationship between the internal environmental conditions of a building and the reduction in worker productivity.

Therefore, proper maintenance can maintain an elegant appearance for the corporate environment for longer, in addition to improving air quality and ensuring product effectiveness.

Carpeting in commercial environments: day-to-day maintenance

Regardless of the space, it is estimated that around 80% of the dirt that accumulates on carpets is brought in from the outside. Therefore, simple measures, such as containment mats, for example, can be installed at the entrances. This avoids liquid substances and reduces the entry of residues and dust.

But that alone is not enough. You need to vacuum frequently - preferably daily, to avoid accumulation of debris. It is also interesting to keep an eye out for water leaks or accidents involving liquids, as this can favor the proliferation of microorganisms. In these cases, it is best to clean the area immediately with specific products for carpets - this way, you also reduce the chance of stains.

And, of course, it's also important to keep an airy environment and follow a professional cleaning schedule.

Professional carpet cleaning

Typically, it is recommended that residential carpet cleaning be carried out annually. But for companies, especially where there is high circulation of people, this interval may be smaller. The frequency of professional cleaning depends on a number of factors, such as the flow of people, number of doors and windows, furniture, type of carpet, color, existence of stains and level of dirt.

And even if the carpet is vacuumed daily, professional cleaning is still required - not all appliances are capable of removing the particles that lodge at the base of the carpet's fibers. In addition, specialized companies have professionals able to deal with carpets and rugs made with several types of different fibers. And you can even get packages for cleaning carpets, rugs and even sofas and chairs, thus taking the opportunity to solve several problems at once.

Carpet Maintenance in Vancouver

If you have a business in the Vancouver area and need to clean your carpet, please contact us. We have specialized professionals to help you evaluate your space and recommend cleaning frequency. After that, we carry out the service ensuring that your flooring will be properly sanitized, maintaining the structure of the material and ensuring the health of those who circulate in that space. Request a quote by clicking here.

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